Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Forex Resources for Beginners

I'm still in the beginning of my forex journey, but thought I should share a selection of my favorite forex websites and stuff I read. The list varies from time to time, but these pages have been among my most clicked bookmarks fir a while:
  • EasyForex: EasyMarkets Learning Portal: very helpful, great videos and a nice way to bring yourself up to speed with basic forex stuff.
  • BabyPips - this one doesn't need introducing actually - great online forex trading school.
  • Coursera: Introduction to Financial Markets course - I love, love, love Coursera; this is a great way to take top-notch classes for free, without ever leaving your home. I'm not really after tests and certificates, but I listen to a lot of lectures on Coursera, this course on financial markets included. Such a smart substitute for TV!!!!
  • Harborx Blog - there are lots of forex blogs out there, and this one is among those that I frequent. They cover basic forex info, provide daily market updates and other useful info. As I mentioned a few days ago, I've been toying with Harborx iOS app for a while, so full review is coming soon. But as far as the blog is concerned, I do recommend Harborx if you are a forex geek in the making, like myself.
  • Finance Magnates - good source for financial news, including forex. They tend to be heavy on corporate (and I guess paid) coverage, but it's a good website to read.
  • Forex.Info - nice market analysis, and a good website overall.

The list will definitely grow and be updated. There's more to it, but my lunch break is nearly over, so gotta run. Have a great day, folks!

xx, Alice.

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